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You have already proven to yourself and others that you can make great things happen.  Now you are answering the the call to make a bigger difference.  It’s exciting and unnerving at the same time.

You have a business, service, idea or project that means the world to you and you believe it means a lot to the world.  You've been wanting to grow your impact.  The truth is that this will stretch and grow you as well. There are many challenges that will arise, and some of the biggest ones will show up inside you. Support yourself, your impact and your success by mastering your inner game and unleashing your potential.  Experience greater ease, focus, clarity and effectiveness while you grow your business more than ever before.

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my mission

We live in an increasingly chaotic and challenging world, and I am convinced that our best response to this situation is for ever greater numbers of us to step into our power and purpose. My purpose is to support people awakening to and accessing their greater potential. I am committed to doing my part to help create a heart-centered world where people are joyfully alive, powerfully creative, and we all thrive.

my philosophy

your greatest strength is being more clearly and deeply yourself

When you let go of what you’re not and get clearer about who you are, you gain better access to your unique constellation of aptitudes, perspectives and preferences.  Your life will launch to a new level when you recognize the unique instrument that you are and learn how to more skillfully express yourself in the world.

you have gifts that we all need

There are solutions to problems or things missing from this world that only you can see or have an interest in realizing.  This is your greatest gift and the source of your greatest joy and purpose.  The world needs what your heart has to offer (including your greater aliveness).

experiencing difficulty doesn't make you defective

All living things are masterpieces of creation.   However, human beings have a particular flavour of genius.  We have tendency to create challenges that require us to grow and evolve in order to overcome.  In short, our difficulties are not proof that we're defective.  They are a brilliant part of our design.

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meet Jalen

Jalen Séguin

I’ve spent most of my life working on my inner game, primarily because it wasn’t working well for me.  The learning and growing  I did in response to feeling completely locked out of peace, joy and potential helped me understand what it takes to move past blocks, deal with life's challenges more gracefully, and dive more deeply into accessing my potential.  I learned the hard way.  You don’t have to.  I'm clear that it's my calling to support others reach their potential and give their gifts with greater peace and ease. It's the most precious gift I can imagine.

My offering is grounded in a degree in psychology, certification as a professional coach (CPCC), Trager bodyworker and yoga teacher and over 30 years of blood, sweat and grit.

Testimonial -

I believe that the world is in a time of massive crisis, and therefore also a time of great opportunity.  I first felt the calling to be of service in times like these back when I was twelve.  It’s taken me well over 30 years to be ready to answer the call. My practice is my contribution to the creation of the "more beautiful world our hearts know is possible."

Testimonial - Merrill

I have been heavily influenced by trainings that I have found to be powerful tools for living a successful life. Below is a referenced list: