my mission

My purpose in life is to support people awakening to their greater potential and help them achieve it. I am committed to doing my part to help create a heart-centered world where people are joyfully alive and powerfully creative, and we all thrive. I'm particularly passionate about mission-driven entrepreneurs, wellness practitioners and educators.

my philosophy

your greatest strength is being most deeply yourself

Your life will launch to a new level when you recognize the unique instrument that you are and learn how to more skillfully express yourself in the world. Each one of us is a unique expression of life.  When we tap into a deeper sense of our true selves, we can harness the power of our unique combination of aptitudes, perspectives and preferences.  

you have gifts that we all need

There are solutions to problems or things missing from this world that only you can see or have an interest in realizing.  What is more, is that sharing our greatest gifts is also the source of our greatest joy and sense of purpose.

you have a natural and powerful capacity to heal, grow and create

All living things are masterpieces of creation.   However, human beings have a particular flavour of "genius."  We have a strong tendency to create challenges that require us to grow and evolve in order to transform.  In short, our difficulties are not proof that we're defective.  It's a brilliant part of our design.  

my practice

I provide people with the support and skills they need to embrace their challenges and grow through them.  

I support my clients to combine mindfulness and self-care to become more clear and aware about who they really are, what they're here to do in their lives and expand their capacity to follow through.

In session, I intuitively weave together dialogue, mindfulness activities, embodied exploration (of thoughts, feelings and concepts), and sometimes bodywork. Sessions range from 30 minutes - 2 hours depending on what is appropriate in the moment. You will have homework, and I will hold you accountable to your commitments.  I will help you stay clear, inspired and connected to your goals while also strengthening your personal foundation.

True change comes from developing new habits, perspectives and skills. This is a practice, and it takes time and perseverance.

The duration of coaching relationship varies widely based on the depth and breadth of the goals you have.  It takes time to gain momentum and achieve significant changes in your life. While there can be immediate benefits, it is typical for new clients to take three or more months to begin realizing tangible results, and often a year before larger goals are realized.

Ideally, sessions are held in person if possible (especially initially), but are most often done over the phone or Skype.