Grow Your Success - from the Inside Out



Your life is created by the cumulative effect
of your perspective and habits.

Together, we can change them.


Grow Your Success: Level 1

Prepare the Ground, Plant the Seeds

This course introduces you to foundational principles that underpin your well-being and personal success. You will get ample support to live those principles. The material draws from a variety of disciplines (psychology, neuroscience, behavioural science, yoga and personal coaching) to provide you with a selection of behaviours that you will use to create your own personalized self-care practice. Then we will help you make your practice a habit.

These self-care habits will enable you to move forward in your life, expand your capacity to succeed, and strengthen your ability to keep your life working as you reach for bigger dreams. 

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Inspiration and motivation are wonderful,
but they aren't enough to accomplish your goals

Over the span of 6-8 weeks, you will develop and/or strengthen:

  • a personalized self-care practice
  • two "keystone" habits that will anchor your practice
  • greater clarity and responsiveness to your needs
  • greater well-being and resilience (body, mind and spirit) 
  • greater self-awareness & compassion
  • greater commitment & courage
  • more self-esteem & confidence

Your ability to stay balanced
as you soar and reach for the stars 
depends on having solid ground to stand on

Woman Soaring

Course Requirements

  • a solid desire to improve your life situation and generate personal success
  • a willingness to commit genuine effort and allow results to emerge
  • attend 2hrs/week of class time
  • receive 30 minutes/week one-on-one coaching
  • 10 – 30 minutes of self-practice twice daily
  • classes are held in person in central Vancouver, BC.
  • access to email and/or Facebook
  • a yoga mat & comfortable yoga-suitable clothes

This course is based on well-established and time-tested research and experience. It will produce results.  If you have room for more peace, joy and success you can't afford to pass up this opportunity.  Secure your seat in the next course!

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This course is currently in the pilot phase
and is being offered at a special rate