what is resilience coaching?

I define resilience as the ability to grow and thrive in the face of challenge.  I have learned that resilience comes from:

  • greater awareness of and attunement to self
  • consistent and regular practice of fundamental self-care habits
  • receiving solid support from caring and skillful people

I offer you support and training to develop a mindfulness practice and self-care habits that will provide you with the solid foundation you need to learn and grow through difficulty (and not just cope and survive).  

Somatic (body-centered) resilience coaching helps you access the resources of your whole being (body, mind & spirit).  It is a physically and emotionally engaging, thought-provoking and creative process that inspires and supports you in realizing your potential and accomplishing your goals. There are a variety of situations, listed below, where coaching can be of great value. Do any of them resonate with you?

reinvent yourself

Whether it be through a significant work or relationship change, or simply by personal choice, you are reinventing yourself. You recognize that the best way to create something new is to step into the unknown.  While you can only take this journey on your own, it's more efficient, effective and less scary to have help.

get unstuck

Sometimes we find ourselves trapped and getting free can feel impossible.  I had been caught in cycles of doubt, confusion and even depression for a large part of my life.  I know a great deal about being stuck... AND I have found a reliable way to get free.  It does NOT need to take as long or be as difficult as it was for me.  If you're ready to get free, contact me.  Together, we'll make it happen.

spark your brilliance

You have a sense that you can have more joy and meaning in your life, and you have decided to make that happen. Light a fire in your heart and mind, then see where it takes you.

support your goals

You are committed to an important goal and you recognize that having excellent support will ensure your success. Like an Olympic athlete or a star actor, you know that specialized and targeted coaching will make the difference and give you the results you seek.  

transform your relationship

Within your relationship to someone significant, either something important has gone missing or something challenging has shown up. You know (or hope) that things can change for the better.  Seek out the skills, practices and perspectives that will give you the greatest opportunity for the best outcome.  This challenge can be an amazing opportunity in disguise if you treat it as such.

body anchoring

There are many different situations where you can benefit by improving your ability to anchor in your body and really listen to the information that it can provide to you. Some obvious situations are:

  • You may have heard that there is a world of wisdom and joy to be found in your body, yet strangely enough this is seemingly foreign territory. Begin a practice that will give you access to the wealth that can be found within.
  • You have significant intellectual, energetic and/or spiritual capacity, but for some reason you can't express it as powerfully as you would like because you're not as grounded and integrated into your body as you could be. Alternatively, you can express your capacity effectively, but you experience undesirable physical side-effects.
  • Confusion, anxiety, anger or some other less than joyful way of being has taken up more space in your life than you want. You know that, in the long run, there are better choices than distraction or medication.