What is possible when your mind, body and spirit are aligned?

Experience expansiveness and joy in your body and peace in your mind.  The Wave Method sends waves of motion into your body through rocking, shaking, elongation and compression. This approach invites your entire being to release tension, holding, and whatever else that doesn’t serve you. Unlike some types of bodywork, all Wave Method techniques are designed to be interesting if not pleasant to experience, and people typically receive sessions clothed (form-fitting yoga wear recommended).

This bodywork is focuses attention on calming your nervous system and inviting you into stronger connection with a deeper part of yourself.  It's like having meditation and yoga done for you.  Like meditation and yoga, the benefit is both immediate and cumulative over time (with repeated sessions).  While this work doesn't specifically aim to address physical discomfort, a more comfortable and spacious feeling in your body is a byproduct.

Massaging a legThere is something truly special about the rocking and shaking.  This modality has a remarkable capacity to generate an emotional and energetic reset and release, increase range of motion, and melt away physical discomforts.

Some of the benefits:

  • Relieves stress, tension, nervousness, anxiety, isolation
  • Deeply nurturing, comforting and rejuvenating
  • Excellent support for mindfulness practice and enhanced body awareness
  • Includes self-care movements you can do on your own
  • An excellent contribution to your self-care diet
  • Get instant relief AND learn to become more resilient

Massaging head and neckThe Wave Method is based on the Trager Approach.  Jalen Séguin is a Certified Trager Practitioner.

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