Below are specific and well-defined opportunities to learn and grow in a group setting. The list of offerings will continue to grow. Stay tuned!


Grow Your Success - from the Inside Out 

This is a series of courses designed to help you develop habits that will generate and sustain success in your life.  Classes are tailored and held separately for women and men to support a greater level of shared perspective and experience amongst the participants and to ensure the material is presented in a relevant manner.

  • Level 1:  Prepare the Ground, Plant the Seeds
  • Level 2:  Grow your capacity to create, connect and impact
  • Level 3:  Harvest, then plan for the next season

Through these courses, you will come to understand the guiding principles and then act on them.  You will explore a variety of skills and tools from which you can create your own customized success formula.  You will also have great support for establishing "keystone" habits that will make it easier to sustain your success formula.  You'll get the amplified and synergistic benefit of learning and sharing within a safe and intimate group setting, as well as receive regular personal attention and coaching from the course leader.  

If you want to create a life that not only looks but feels deeply successful, make the investment of time and energy in this series of courses.  Learn more...


Heart Gym

This is a unique, fun and playful opportunity to gain deeper awareness of your relationship to your boundaries, and an opportunity to increase the level of ease and freedom you have in communicating your needs and desires.  Exercise your emotional muscles. Learn, grow, stretch and challenge yourself so that you can have greater flexibility and capacity in all your relationships.  Learn More...


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Our experience of touch is pre-verbal and goes very deep.   It is our primary/primal channel of interaction in the world.  Like any other form of interaction it is a means of communication. 

This workshop is offered to couples because fluency develops best through immersion.  Intimate partnership provides a great context to immerse in this language.  Also, this exploration is most effective in the presence of the familiarity, trust and greater comfort with vulnerability that tends to occur within established relationships.  Learn more...