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A Relationship Skills Workout

Interpersonal relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives. While this topic is critical to our happiness and well-being, it's also true that it's not commonplace for people to explore enhancing their skills and awareness in this department.  Like any ability or art, relational skills can benefit greatly by being practiced, developed, and refined.  Heart Gym is a unique opportunity for participants to explore ways of relating that contribute to happier, more fulfilled and self-expressed lives.

Similar to studying a martial art, in a Heart Gym you interact with people in ways that in the regular world might initially feel awkward or challenging.  This practice and learning allows you to refine your awareness and skills, and this ultimately expands your comfort zone and enables greater freedom and range of expression.  You'll have opportunities to:

  • Gain greater comfort with asking for what you really want
  • Reduce discomfort with rejection and disappointment
  • Set boundaries and build connection at the same time
  • Transform awkward moments into connecting moments
  • Discover hidden assumptions

The event consists of an opening circle, some open-ended exploration time, and a closing circle.  The opening circle allows everyone to be introduced and it communicates the rules that we will all follow.  Only those who agree to uphold the rules are welcome to stay for the open-ended exploration time. The closing circle allows everyone to reconnect as a group and share some of their experience.  Awareness and access to choice are significant dimensions of the event. Participants are frequently reminded and supported to only engage in activities they feel open to in the moment.  Heart Gym is a playful and fun environment to learn and experiment.