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Touch is a primal form of communication.  This workshop supports couples deepening their awareness and fluency in the language of touch. This exploration offers the opportunity to deepen intimacy and supports access to greater expression, creativity, joy & pleasure. The deeper you look, the more you find.




Some of the things you can expect:

  1. There will be a mix of theory and practice.
  2. The theory and practice is grounded in the principles of fluent body awareness, and is based in the work of Dr. Betty Martin and the Trager Approach.
  3. The practice is a series of experiential activities, including paired contact exercises, primarily with your partner.
  4. All participants will remain fully clothed at all times.
  5. The basic touch fluency exercises involve contact with hands and forearms only.
  6. Trager bodywork exercises involve practising simple body movements in pairs.


By the end of this experience participants will:

  1. Be introduced to skills that allow you to touch with greater sensitivity, clarity, and pleasure.
  2. Have the ability to clearly distinguish between Giving and Receiving (and therefore enjoy both more).
  3. Have the ability to clearly distinguish between Taking and Allowing, and appreciate why it matters.
  4. Have learned simple and fun bodywork routines designed to relax, and/or stimulate.
  5. Have a clearer awareness of their current relationship to touch and associated feelings.
  6. Be able to notice the difference between locating themselves in their body (sensation) and their head (thoughts).
  7. Recognize that their experience of body awareness and sensitivity falls within a spectrum, and that they’re not alone.

Stay tuned for more details!