meet Jalen

The short version:  

I’ve spent much of my life working on my inner game, primarily because it wasn’t working well for me.  This has provided me with a great deal of research and experience with what it takes to move past blocks and more smoothly navigate the challenges of life.  I learned the hard way.  You don’t have to.  I'm clear that it's my calling to support others reach their potential and give their gifts with greater peace and ease. My offering is supported by an honours undergraduate degree in psychology, and certification as a professional coach (CPCC), Trager bodyworker and yoga teacher.

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The not-as-short version:

From a very young age, I had a keen interest in and awareness of personal and interpersonal dynamics. This interest eventually led me to pursue my undergraduate education in Psychology. Afterwards, I realized that I had much learning and growing to do before I could truly be of help to others, so I took a detour and explored a career that combined psychology, business and information technology. Now, twenty years later, with a wealth of life experience, I have returned to my original goal: to be a source of inspiration, support and healing to the world.

Testimonial - Merrill

My first career allowed me to work primarily part-time and have the means to travel, renovate my house and myself.  I had a troubled and challenging childhood, and as often happens, as an adult I experienced numerous periods of deep emotional challenge.  I endured many years of struggle mixed with determination and optimism, frustrated desire and ambition, disillusionment and even despair.  I've certainly taken the road less travelled.  After having experienced these great heights and depths, I find myself pulled forward by a faith in the deeper truth of love, purpose, creativity and greater possibility in the human spirit.

My experience of suffering, confusion and thwarted potential have helped me accumulate a wealth of knowledge and experience with strategies for personal success.  Even more importantly, I have developed deep well of compassion for people on their journey towards wholeness and fulfillment, and I'm not afraid of the darkness and challenge they experience along the way.

It is my deepest purpose and joy to support others to move beyond their blocks, realize their dreams and discover how powerful they truly are.

My coaching practice is heavily influenced by the trainings that I have found to be powerful tools for living a successful life. Below is a referenced list: